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Naturisme and your children.

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--- Quote from: James I on May 13, 2011, 06:56:12 PM ---It's their choice. We would not seek to influence them in any way. If they embrace it again in the future...fine. If not, that's fine too. They must find and follow their own paths.

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Absolutely spot on!!!  It is not for us, as parents, to influence the choices of other adults, even if they happen to be our own kids (not that I'm saying that is what anyone is suggesting they wanted to do).  I find that the attitude to naturism varies from country to country.  Switerland may well have the same attitudes as the UK, whereby once you reach puberty, it is time to stay dressed in front of other people.  In France, and to a similar extent Spain, the kids seem to have a completely different attitude to nudity, it just doesn't seem to bother them (why should it?) and I think this attitude is a reflection of the general attitude to nudity for that country, mebbee Switzerland had a Queen Victoria at some point in its history!!!

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Teenage girls? I still give them advice, of course. Never leave drinks unattended in a bar. Always get a taxi home and never be afraid to ring one of us to bring you home either. Don't do drugs. Don't be stupid like Dad and take up smoking. And while I think my taste in music is markedly superior to theirs, I'm not about to force 1980s post punk industrial agit-pop bands on them if they prefer the latest in Simon Cowell's sausage factory. But neither will I or their Mum insist they accompany us on a nudist holiday, or any sort of holiday for that matter, if they're going to be miserable or uncomfortable.

As things stand, they're off to New York next week with Mum, and then flying back to Madrid. Mum's joining me in VP, and the girls are off to London to (as of the last hour or so, it will probably change by this time tomorrow) take in some West End shows. Everyone gets exactly the holiday they want.

 ;DI think this has nothing to do with the country we come from, as switzerland is maybe even more open than france.What i asked is how does everyone explain our habit to their children .Children who have been brought up naturiste dont seem to become naturiste afterwards. ;)
I know we cannot force or influence our offspring but it how do you explain or do you just said nothing..I know how i do it , and i know how friends react.Some are and some not .We have found the younger couples are often naturiste and when we talk about it with them they have done or do it .But if you buy something in Vera how do you explain it if they are not naturistes......
DId  not quite understand what james 1 meant . ? ???

we love vera luz:
Just last week i joined my wife in Vera Playa accompanied by my 2 sons (12 and 17 years old) and my daughter who is 19. While they all knew it was a naturist area we lived in and had been told that naked people would be the norm they all were still keen to experience this kind of holiday. I think it was a shock to them to see their old dad appear naked and just saunter outside to talk with our lovely French neighbours. It seems that it was then that they realised what Vera Playa is all about, people being relaxed in themselves and amongst others. You just could'nt stay a week in the place and not make at least one new friend. the kids settled down very easily the youngest decided that naturism was for him, the eldest boy was more comfortable in his shorts and my daughter was quite comfortable being topless with no pressure from me. They loved the holiday and are all very keen to get back again and all commented on how great the people are, so thank you to all our friends who took time to get to know them and welcomed them easily into your company.
Regarding friends well we have had numerous friends from back here in N.Ireland come to stay with us in Vera Playa and all even the people who said they would never be a naturist stripped of on the first day and embraced the life style, all are impressed with the easy going laid back mind set and all have said that it was the most relaxing holiday they have ever experienced.



--- Quote from: mrtoulemonde on May 14, 2011, 05:12:38 PM --- But if you buy something in Vera how do you explain it if they are not naturistes......
DId  not quite understand what james 1 meant . ? ???

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They don't have to come with us. They're old enough to stay at home and be trusted not to have a wild party. They don't have to be naturist if they do accompany us. As Steve points out, people get sucked into the VP lifestyle anyway, despite saying 'no, not for me', sometimes within 24 hours. In fact, probably within 24 hours.

We would like to buy a 'retirement' home in VP. If our children don't want to keep it after we've gone, or after we've become too infirm to make the trip, they can sell it. In our impoverished old age we can probably sell it!

Our children don't have to be naturists, in our company or without our company, if they choose not to. And if they decide to take friends or boyfriends off to the place where we eventually hope to purchase a retirement home, then it's up to them whether or not they embrace naturism while there.


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