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Title: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: Steve Tromans on 26 January 2010, 15:24:01 PM
Only a couple of weeks to go till the Neighbourhood Association Meeting. I sincerely hope all the Vera residents will do their very best to attend.
Please can we have a report of the meeting ASAP?
I believe Vera can be a better place (yes I know it is already paradise to some) with just a bit more effort & enthusiasm.
I will spend a month in Vera this summer and will be more than happy to help with beach cleaning and naturist flag waving.
Let's try to spread out along the shore and claim the beach for clothes optional use. The textiles would not be there if they felt strongly about the naturists but we seem to be the ones being squeezed into smaller and smaller areas. We need to assert ourselves surely? LET'S STAND UP & BE COUNTED. Unite & join the cause!!!!! PLEASE
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: pamnbru on 27 January 2010, 16:16:38 PM
The meeting is this Sat, 30th Jan at Puntonat 10.30am. Hope to see lots of people there. Hope it won?t still be raining!
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: John and Maureen Berry on 30 January 2010, 14:24:51 PM
Neighbourhood Association Meeting went ahead this morning in the sunshine outside the Puntonat Kiosk.  It was well attended (20 people) and well managed - with people from most of the Urbanisations represented.  It was good to see that we were all 'singing from the same hymnsheet' all Nationalities, Spanish, English, Dutch and Roman!
A full up-date (an English version of minutes) will be posted soon from Pam - it was agreed that this forum / website will be the official source of information for English speaking people (the official forum of the organisation is in the process of being put together in Spanish).
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: playazo on 30 January 2010, 16:30:59 PM
It was real positive meeting this morning. I think that this is the good way to go on and we all should try to get more neighbours interested to do be involved in getting a better and nicer "barrio".
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: pamnbru on 30 January 2010, 17:56:32 PM
As Maureen has said, a verygood meeting. So here goes with the minutes.
1. Approval of statutes. The Statutes were taken as read. Rob Kingma will translate them into English for us so that they can be read at leisure. Any adjustments requested can  then be made at the next meeting.
2. Minutes, Accounts, Membership. The 'official' books needed for the association were displayed.
3.Boundaries of the 'Neighbourhood'. At the meeting last year it had been decided that the area covered would be the naturist area plus Vera Mar 6. It has now been decided to expand this to include Consum, the complexes on Calle Tortuga Boba, Hotel Street and Cala Maques. Cala Marques is to be included as it fronts the beach and is effected by sand erosion etc.
4. Election of Officers. At the June meeting last year a committe was elected. This comprises of (sorry no surnames) Luis - president. Jan - secretary. Maria - vice president. Comittee - Stan, Gloria, Pam, Bruno, Guglielmo. A meeting with presidents of all the complexes is to be arranged.
5. Opening of bank account. An official bank account will be opened in the name of the association. 2 signatories will be required for cheques. Cajamar will probably be the bank as they do not charge commision and it's convenient. Membership fee to be 12? per annum payable easter - easter.
6. Forum, email,phone, blogspot. A forum will be set up for members, this will be in Spanish. This forum will be the official place for English postings. Email is the preferred method of communication, especially as so many people live away from the area. A mobile phone will be purchased for official business. A Blogspot (web site) will be set up to post information. This will be in Spanish, an English translation will appear on this website.
7. Reading of 'Istancias'. Last year several 'istancias' were presented to the Town Hall. These were
Removal of damaged ice cream kiosk from beach - acted upon, kiosk removed
Opening of new road to Hotel Street - correspondence as to why it couldn't be opened - now resolved
Request to hold a fiesta for San Juan - granted and was a great success.
Request for doggie poo bins - they replied that they'd look into it. Nothing done so far, further request will be made.
Request for a flea market - turned down, but they set one up opposite the Hotel Zimbali instead! Didn't want people coming to the naturist area!
8. Cleaning of roads and general areas. The Town Hall will be asked how often cleaning, gardening etc should take place so that we  can inform them when it isn't being done. Istancia to be presented to Town Hall requesting immediate emptying of rubbish bins on the beach and surrounding areas. Research into which footpaths in the area are private, so that public ones can be kept an eye on.
9. Storm drain in Av de Ciuda de Castelon. Town Hall to be asked what they are proposing as a solution to the problem.
10 Lighting in hotel Street. Request to be made to Town Hall that the lights are switched on. A check on all the lighting in the area will be made so that a report on non-working lights can be made.
11. Original Beach. Talks to be had with Town Hall to see what plans they have to stop further erosion etc
12. Members input. Members are requested to inform a commiittee member of any issues which need adressing so that an istancia can be put in.
The issue of access to the beach was raised as there is now no public access at the hotel. Photos of the blocked path will be taken and bought to the attention of the Town Hall as this is believed to be a public access point. Legally access points should be no more that 300mtr apart. The building of El Cano 3 blocked the access point there.
Request was made to ask the electric companies to clean up their 'casitas' (remove grafitti)
Proposal to improve the signage of the naturist area. Questions over legality of such signs. Research required.
13.  Placing of posters on official sites. Research into best place for notice boards and, when descion made, istancia to sent to Town hall.
14. Any other business. Request to be made for more bins, especially recycling bins. Repostioning of some bins to be requested. Request for more 'no animals' signs on the beach.

Think that's about it. I'm sure someone will say if I've forgotten anything
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: Steve Tromans on 30 January 2010, 19:05:21 PM
Great to see the meeting details. Please keep up the good work.
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: P & L on 30 January 2010, 23:48:01 PM
Thank you all very much for your efforts it is greatly appreciated and we will try and help in projects where ever possible
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: Sue B-C on 31 January 2010, 10:52:27 AM
Great to read what is being done by the association to improve the area for both residence and visitors like myself. Great new site. Sue
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: John and Maureen Berry on 01 February 2010, 12:28:22 PM
For those who don't know an istancia is an official request to the Town Council to act on a problem.  There is a problem at the top of Avenida de Ciudad de Castleon. I think Galasa dug up the road to do something with the water supply a couple of years ago.  They only backfilled the trench with rubble - and in the recent heavy rains it has all been washed away.  It needs to be repaired and tarmacced - at present the trench is about 25cm deep and hazardous
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: rosa on 01 February 2010, 21:35:12 PM
The word istancia is used several times. According to my dictionary is "instancia" the Spanish word for an "official request".
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: John and Maureen Berry on 02 February 2010, 08:43:07 AM
Yes, you get the forms from the town hall I think.  They are self carbonating, you submit it - a copy goes presumably on file, to the relevant department etc.  Because we are now a legally constituted residents association, approved by the junta, we should have more 'clout' - the town hall should respond to these 'official requsts'.  So the idea is that if we see something that the town hall should respond to we report it, in English, the vehicle would be through this forum, it will be translated into Spanish and the 'istancia' sent off!  And hopefuly acted upon.
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: rosa on 02 February 2010, 12:17:23 PM
Thanks for explaining the procedure regarding "instancia".
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: Lynne and Ian on 03 February 2010, 15:15:26 PM
The minutes on here are really appreciated. It is just what we have wanted for some time, especially as we are in uk for most of the year. Getting this sort of thing has always been quite a problem and even if we are not there we want to support the community. Many thanks.   :) :)
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: DAVENRAE on 03 February 2010, 15:21:29 PM
Thanks for the meeting notes, Pam. Great that we'll be able to know what's going on when we're back in the frozen North/UK.
 Forum looks great. Thanks to all involved in setting it up and the running of it.
 Rae & Dave :)
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: graham.harvey on 13 February 2010, 16:04:14 PM
Fully agree that we should STAND UP AND BE COUNTED !!!!!!

Lets start by using our proper names on this site.  Not Mickey Mouse names to hide behind.

A lot of people are,   and I'm pleased to see that.      Surely if we can walk about naked,  we don't need to hide our names  !!!!
Title: Re: Neighbourhood Association Meeting
Post by: seth on 13 February 2010, 16:15:07 PM
Thanks to Pam i have found this site after Pams mesages to me with address
censored out,i have registered with Luis at punto nat,i wish it every success.
just got back to U.K. and Dot has not stoped moaning about the cold.