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Title: Free advertising
Post by: Phil B-C on April 13, 2014, 12:53:06 PM
Ok, following on from "Help Needed" on 1st March - it's now been six weeks and I have received nothing / nada / zilch from anyone !!!

Undaunted by this flood of enthusiasm, I am now appealing directly to the neumerous businesses who no doubt benefit from the free advertising provided here.

If you have a bar, restaurant or whatever, and would like to continue to receive free advertising, perhaps you could find the time to email me a photograph of the street frontage together with a brief description of your business for inclusion in the "bars & restaurants" section of the new website ?

Failing that, everything will have to wait until June/July when I am next in Vera Playa  (that is, of course, if "I" can find the time) !
Title: Re: Free advertising
Post by: Phil B-C on May 08, 2014, 02:55:12 AM
Judging from the continued lack of response, I think it reasonable to conclude that I was wrong in assuming that a "bars & restaurants" page on the new website might be beneficial.

I therefore see no point in wasting a large proportion of my forthcoming holiday taking photographs and composing write-ups for each and every establishment and will abandon the entire page.
Title: Re: Free advertising
Post by: yorkshireman on May 09, 2014, 10:48:15 AM
Hi Phil. Your great work is much appreciated, and provides lots of useful information about the area. It should be easy for all of us to contribute to a section on bars and restaurants. I have read several accounts with interest, but I use the recent posts function mostly.

Kind regards

Title: Re: Free advertising
Post by: Phil B-C on May 09, 2014, 11:19:46 AM
Hi Andrew,

How nice to have a response (that might sound sarcastic but you are actually the first to respond).

First of all I have to correct you, it's Alan that has put in all the hours and expertise over the years and not me.
However, the (proposed) website makeover is, at present, my somewhat overdue "baby".
As you say, "it should be easy for all of us [forum members and businesses] to contribute to a section on bars and restaurants" but, as you see, this has proved not to be the case.
At this moment in time, we have the bare bones of a new website but, without photographs and text, it would be pointless to publish it on-line and I for one find this increasingly frustrating to the point where I have considered abandoning the whole project several times over the last few weeks.

As you may have read elsewhere, 2014 will be the first holiday in Vera Playa for Sue & I in three years and (I think understandably) I am loathed to devote it to Vera Playa Friends "business".

What is required has been posted under "Website & forum announcements / Help needed" since 1st March and (as of today's date) has been read 220 times .... what more can one do ?