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Naturisme and your children.

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We have been a naturistes since 1974.In my time we have been member of two clubs in switzerland and visited many naturiste holiday locations .My daughter  was almost born in a naturiste club , as my pregant wife and I were in our club just days before my daughter was born.All their childhood my children lived naturism with us , living naked in france in the summer on holidays.At home as it gets hot in switzerland belive it or not we were all naked around the house.
       As they have become adults and have their own children they have become less naturist.I believe my son would / does do it with his family but it is difficult to ask , as if the answer is no what do you say.Even though my daughter was every easy around the house she now looks down on it .We come to vera most years or elsewhere to enjoy naturism and we never say to our kids where we goother than the beach in Spain.     
       My question is  how do you all deal with this problem if it is one, and does anyone else have this situation in they family .I know we met a couple last year in vera who had the same problem, i was wondering about you all.Even my family sister etc. dont know, we have friends who do and some who dont.I would prefer to be more open about it but it is not that easy,..
What are your points of view ??? ???

Mr T has experienced some of the same problems that I have in my family. The difference is that my kids know I'm a naturist and treat it like some eccentricity and put up with it. They were brought up with naturism around  but none are interested now they are mature adults. It's a shame but a fact of life. And they don't seem to let or encourage their young children to be naked on the beach. My mostly non-naturist friends know of my "eccentricity" and don't worry about it. VP represents for me a chance  to be naked and natural that not many other places do; I hate the sound of Agde and am really not interested in naturist clubs.  The spanish laws and attitudes to public nudity are so much more grown up than ours in UK or in the US - the recent post about some bloke being prosecuted in Britain for gardening naked says it all. By the way my Swiss relatives are quite relaxed about nudity!

Our children were raised 'naturist', at least for holidays. They embraced it easily until their early teens when self-consciousness took over and both have rejected naturism (or maybe more accurately, any sort of holiday with Mum and Dad) since then. It's their choice. We would not seek to influence them in any way. If they embrace it again in the future...fine. If not, that's fine too. They must find and follow their own paths.


--- Quote from: James I on May 13, 2011, 06:56:12 PM ---It's their choice. We would not seek to influence them in any way. If they embrace it again in the future...fine. If not, that's fine too. They must find and follow their own paths.

--- End quote ---

Absolutely spot on!!!  It is not for us, as parents, to influence the choices of other adults, even if they happen to be our own kids (not that I'm saying that is what anyone is suggesting they wanted to do).  I find that the attitude to naturism varies from country to country.  Switerland may well have the same attitudes as the UK, whereby once you reach puberty, it is time to stay dressed in front of other people.  In France, and to a similar extent Spain, the kids seem to have a completely different attitude to nudity, it just doesn't seem to bother them (why should it?) and I think this attitude is a reflection of the general attitude to nudity for that country, mebbee Switzerland had a Queen Victoria at some point in its history!!!

there seems to be some misunderstanding here .Switzerland is open and being close to france things that are naked go easier. Topless swimming pools or lake side beaches are the norm. also unoffical nudist beaches as well.I say nudist beaches as i find it has nothing to do with naturism.It just how do others explain to kids .
True they are adults and choose , also once there is a husband or wife it complicates the situation.I just wanted to see how others explain  to family and friends .As said before some friends are very OK with us being naturistes and it is surprizing how many have done it but have never is on the kids side i would like to see the different opions.


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