Author Topic: Nudity in Vera Municipality  (Read 573 times)


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Nudity in Vera Municipality
« on: 22 November 2020, 19:00:52 PM »
I’m confused
I saw on Vera playa friends that a guy walked to Garucia and back naked and seem to say that it is legal to be naked anywhere in the Vera municipality
Can any body clarify the law

John and Maureen Berry

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Re: Nudity in Vera Municipality
« Reply #1 on: 07 December 2020, 08:23:29 AM »
The law in Spain, protected by the constitution, is that it is part of freedom of expression to be able to be naked anywhere, if this does not involve lewd or inappropriate behaviour.
The Spanish Naturist Federation is firmly of the opinion that this is the law that must be protected, thus, it is perfectly legal to be naked on any beach at any time.  They argue that we cannot, on the one hand, insist that ‘textiles’ are banned from our naturist beaches whilst we insist on our freedoms to be naked everywhere.

In reality, in quiet times (probably from the end of September right through till the week before Easter, then after Easter to June) it would be perfectly possible to walk along the shoreline all the way to Garrucha, we’ve done it many times in winter in the past and nobody would bat an eyelid, there would be hardly anybody about, even on hot, sunny days.

Since there has been developments all the way along the coast now from Vera Playa to Garrucha, in Spanish holiday times the beach is a lot busier than it was, and walking naked to Garrucha you would probably encounter some opposition to your actions.  In busy times, ‘textiles’ wandering onto our beach do not get a warm reception, they are frequently slow hand clapped for instance.  There have been some complaints made by naturists that, even when on the South end of the official, legally designated naturist beach, which goes as far as the Vera Mar, white and blue houses / apartments past the Zimbali Playa hotel. d this has been exacerbated by several ‘Chiringuito’ beach bars / restaurants being built on the Official Naturist Beach which do not serve naturists.  A couple of summer’s ago the Policia Local seemed to get involved in support of, particularly, the Pomodoro pizzeria, the waiters in that establishment verbally harass passing naturists.
For this reason, in their regular meetings with the mayor, The Spanish Naturist Federation asked for the mayors backing in reminding the Policia Local of the law, and if they are involved in disputes between non naturists and naturists, they should be supporting the rights of naturists.  So the mayor issued a statement to that effect.
That is my understanding of the situation anyway.
Neighbouring Cuevas (where Palomares beach is) has introduced a bylaw against Naturism and has introduced a hefty fine for naturists straying into their area.  The Spanish Naturist Federation is fighting this bylaw (and half a dozen others that have been introduced in other places, notably one in Barcelona) in the courts.  But in the meanwhile be careful not to stray onto Palomares beach, the border is the Rambla (river bed) just before the Chiringuito Chumba.

Happy owners and winter residents at Vera Playa, our piece of Naturist Paradise.