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Check your passport date
« on: 16 October 2020, 18:20:48 PM »
 I discovered  in the passport section that a Passport that I was relying on for a world cruise in 2022, will now expire in october 2021, 12 months ahead of the november 2022 expiration date. It is disgusting !!!!.I made the mistake of renewing 6 months early to prevent delays in 2012. They have since decided to remove any months due recently on renewal. What they did not tell you was they were also removing  previous months retrospectively . As you have to have a passport with 6 months on to be valid, through being conscientious I have lost 10 % of the value of the document. It might be worth drawing other members  attention to my predicament . I am sure many like me could be caught out by this sharp practise.Regards Rod Holland