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« on: 23 August 2020, 00:48:01 AM »
Hi there! U.K. guy 62, occasional naturist for many years. Considering a VP visit in a few weeks depending on U.K. quarantine laws. An important question for me is the ability to be naked 24/7, including bars restaurants in the evening. I really don’t want to have to dress up. To what extent / where is that possible? Many thanks for any up to date info.


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Re: Hello!
« Reply #1 on: 23 August 2020, 20:10:16 PM »
If you rent an apartment on a naturist urbanization, you'll only need to put clothes on to go shopping in Consum, the closest supermarket. We walk naked most of the way and put some clothes on near the entrance to Bahia/Torremar. Otherwise, you can eat and drink naked at the chiringuitos in the naturist zone, at Koa, 17, Four Seasons, Paso Doble and Oh-La-La. There are few naked people in Hotel Street in the evening.