Author Topic: Common questions on what is allowed where  (Read 553 times)


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Common questions on what is allowed where
« on: December 04, 2018, 03:15:21 AM »
This is becoming a yearly joke in my family, but... Well, for us time is running out as out little one turns 7 in October and it might become to late for us to get him to embrace naturism.

Talking to my wife, she asked three questions:

* Looking at the map, which part of the beach is no longer naturist?

* Are there any naturist friendly places (restaurants etc.)? Do they accept people in the nude for drinks/dining? If so, is it  only before 8?

* Are 6-7 year olds allowed to stay nude after the 8pm "curfew"? (He will want to...)

* This question is mine: is there a restaurant that will allow nude dinner?

* Based on the answers before... If some of them are "yes", can you also tell us if it would be "weird"? Say for example that it's 7pm and we are there naked in the grey area, where technically we are ok in till 8pm. Would it be "weird"?

I shouldn't add this, and was reluctant, but... Need to say: I am an average bloke, but  my wife is 28, and basically a fitness model. She gets looked at a lot with bathers on. It shouldn't change the answers, but it well might.

Please answer with factual answers... I am not sure if these questions turn political, but I am not into controversy :)
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John Devon

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Re: Common questions on what is allowed where
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 05:47:35 PM »
I cannot answer all these questions, but I can say that I've seen nude customers at Frankie's in the evening.


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Re: Common questions on what is allowed where
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2018, 08:40:01 PM »
The bright yellow but in the dotted lines is definitely OK, it kinds of fades after that going South. Technically the naturist part of the beach used to be much bigger, more info online if you want to research it.

During the day any of the chiriniguitos in the bright yellow area (and paso double & puntonat) will be mostly naturist for drinks and food. Whether they open for dinner seems to vary, probably as demand dictates. Also during the day you'll probably find the bars on street outside the hotel mostly naturist but it varies place to place. In the evening pretty much everyone will be dressed. I've seen naked people sitting outside Balconcito late but that was under the old management, not sure what current situation is. 

An exception is Ooh La La which I believe is naturist all night, so that would work for you.

8pm curfew - do you mean the hotel? I'm not sure to be honest. You have to be dressed if you want to eat there, probably to watch the evening entertainment too. People in their rooms and on the balconies often don't bother. There is nothing to stop you putting a wrap or tshirt + shorts on and taking them off outside the hotel and then putting them back on again when you return after 8pm. 

I think I've already answered the next question above!

I think you're a bit confused, the only place with a real 20:00 clothed time is the hotel itself. Hotel Street itself isn't in the naturist area and I don't think there's a time you could say is a solid crossover. Quite a few people tend to hit the bars around 17:00 onwards for a few drinks, it depends when they drift away. In my experience there's usually a few naked people around at 20:00 but slowly drifting off. Dinner time in Spain is 20:00 onwards (more like 21:00 or 22:00) and everyone tends to be dressed by then.

The actual naturist zone (see map) will have naked people at all hours.

I don't really know how to answer the last one. Do I think it affects the answers? no. You see everyone in VP, from very young to very old, whole families, singles of both sexes etc and it always has a wholesome naturist vibe. With that said there is the swingers club, a minority are into that. If you're out with your child I cant see any issues, if you're hanging around by the entrance at midnight who knows.

Hope that helps a bit!