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New Motorway section discovered
« on: 13 June 2018, 19:20:19 PM »
This year on our drive home I discovered a new road that had obviously only recently opened. We usually drive from Vera towards Murcia then Valencia and up the A23 towards Teruel. I always find the A7 very busy passing Orihuela, Elche and on towards Valencia combined with the aggressive driving habits of some people in the area it can sometimes spoil that section of the journey. We were overnighting in a little town called El Toro just off Junc. 57 on the A23 which is about 35 mins short of Teruel so had a little extra time for the drive so I decided to drive from Murcia up the A30   towards Albacete and then turn right onto the A33 towards the town of Jumilla and then the N 344 towards Yecla and then on to La Fonte de La Fiquera with its steep narrow road around the town. We were very happy as the A33 is a brand-new motorway and not on the maps yet has been extended for miles and stops just short of Yecla there is normal road towards La Fonte De La Fiquera where the new motorway is now open so you miss the steep narrow section round the old town. This new road section took approx. 40 mins off the journey and the road was empty of cars only passing approx. ten of them. The lorry drivers have discovered it and there was a steady stream of them. I don’t recall seeing any services however.