Author Topic: Info on Benitos please.  (Read 2980 times)

dorset lad

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Info on Benitos please.
« on: 23 July 2016, 22:39:04 PM »
I have recently heard from a friend that was at the VP Hotel in June saying Benitos had stopped serving Hot Meals, due to Kitchen problems with the Local Health Authority. In early September a group of 4 of us are coming to the VP Hotel and would be grateful to hear from VP Friends if this is still ongoing or if the problem has now been rectified and our favourite venue is back to normal.

Phil B-C

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Re: Info on Benitos please.
« Reply #1 on: 24 July 2016, 12:36:06 PM »
Can we please refrain from conjecture, rumour and/or scaremongering as to why Benitos has stopped serving main meals (I understand tapas are continuing).

Perhaps someone in VP can actually clarify if "main course meals are no longer served" (any reason is now irrelevant) ?
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Re: Info on Benitos please.
« Reply #2 on: 25 July 2016, 23:05:13 PM »
Benito is indeed no longer doing main meals  only tapas  (and of course free monkey nuts!)
As to why? No idea.  But the place remains full of enthusiastic drinkers, football watchers and lovers of monkey nuts!

John and Maureen Berry

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Re: Info on Benitos please.
« Reply #3 on: 26 July 2016, 14:57:57 PM »
Benito was saying all along that he wasn't doing meals.  I think it's simply about logistics / profitability.  without serving meals Benito and Hector can just about run it on their own.  Social Security payments for staff are very expensive in Spain, with so many places offering food, maybe it was just a sensible commercial decision!

Before we left several of the ladies booked one of our 'chicas' afternoons there and it was superb, the tapas just kept coming and coming, in the end we had to beg for it to stop!  there certainly seems to be no less trade because there are no main meals.  To be honest, Benito's huge portions with a fried egg or two and a tuna salad never particularly floated my boat,  but there are still plenty of eating establishments on Hotel St and also the establishments around Mayo etc, and OhLaLa and Paso D'Oble, not to mention the places on the beach.  in less than a 10 minute walk from any of the urbanisations you can still find 20 options for dining, at least.
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