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Solmar car hire Alicante
« on: 07 August 2015, 14:13:42 PM »
When we picked up our hire car from Solmar Alicante  they were being very fussy about any damage on returned cars. When I say verry fussy I mean that they were checking for the tiniest mark, the sort of mark you could very easily polish out.

We got talking to some people returning cars and it was taking up to hour to return the car because of this detailed inspection and if you didn't have ther expensive extra insurance they were deductjng large amounts from the excess deposit paid even for the smallest mark.

We made sure that they recorded every mark on the paperwork, they were intersted in any visible mark some as small as 5mm.

I'm returning the car on Thu 13th Aug to Murcia so I'll report back after thrn.

Are any other companies getting as fussy?

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Re: Solmar car hire Alicante
« Reply #1 on: 07 August 2015, 18:38:17 PM »
When we collected our car from Record RentaCar at Alicante, we were told that paintwork damage under 55mm x 3mm would not be counted. We were given a sheet showing existing marks and spent a few minutes going around the car checking for any unrecorded damage/marks. However, the lighting in the multi-storey car park at Alicante makes it very difficult to see some of these marks.