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Media Gallery
« on: 12 August 2014, 23:54:03 PM »
The Media Gallery provides information and is not in the first place intended to start discussion. Therefore I propose to put the Media Gallery on the main website and to make it available for viewing by guests and to maintain updating by members (users) only.


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Re: Media Gallery
« Reply #1 on: 13 August 2014, 18:48:58 PM »
Our forum despite being called a forum is not primarily a place for discussion but a place for anything - information, discussion, a place for questions and answers or whatever anybody wants to post there.

The Media Gallery is an add on package for the forum software therefore wouldn't easily migrate to the website. The Media Gallery does contain photos of naturists and it is not desirable to make open and uncontrolled access to those photos. I feel it is important that only members who have made the required number of posts have access to the Gallery so unless there is a strong movement from a significant number of VPF members then restricted access will remain.

We hope to complete the website makeover when time and resources permit and we may consider access to some areas of the gallery on the website but this would be subject to obtaining permission from the authors of the albums to be featured.

So Rosa, thank you for your suggestion but on this occasion I'm sorry but the restricted access to the Gallery will remain.

On the subject of the Media Gallery, the add on that we have been using is no longer supported and some of the features no longer work properly so again when time and resources permit I need to find a replacement so the the whole function of the Media Gallery may change in the not too distant future.


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