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« on: 01 June 2013, 13:12:16 PM »
Hi folks,

Looks like we have competition - in the US, a week ahead of Vera Playa - 

Although, given some of the statistics from previous events, it doesn't look like they do the Guinness Book of Records thingee.



P & L

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Re: Competition
« Reply #1 on: 02 June 2013, 08:18:57 AM »
Info from USA site

Numbers to beat – prior Skinny Dip statistics:

2009 total participants: 13,648   (143 locations in North America)
2010 total participants: 14,110
Lake Como participants: 405 (2009) –  452 (2010)

These are the ones to beat

Individual site highest numbers: Gunnison Beach, NJ: 808 (2009) – Haulover Beach, FL: 748 (2010)

Whats the European current record
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Re: Competition
« Reply #2 on: 02 June 2013, 19:16:08 PM »
What is the latest on the Vera attempt?
I did ask this on the facebook page on 9th May but there weren't any responses.
It would be a shame if it didn't suceed.
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Re: Competition
« Reply #3 on: 02 June 2013, 19:18:44 PM »
There's is a multi location attempt. The AANR do it every year.
A few years back they asked for worldwide participation.
A few European venues (including my club) did so.
The AANR completely failed to recognise the rest of the world afterwards and went into a big sulk.
(which thay have yet to emerge from)  :(

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Re: Competition
« Reply #4 on: 03 June 2013, 21:38:10 PM »
Quenton is taking the lead on this proposal. 

As (in most years) we are not in residence - I am watching from afar.  Planning does continue.  Quenton copies me in to most of his communications - the proposals for 'The Lions' to take a lead on marshalling etc seem well advanced.  The Town Hall is also continuing to be involved.

In my experience, the Spanish are not very good (understatement) at being organised!  In a way, previous attempts are irrelevant - there will be the people there will be, on the beach, on that day.  If Quenton manages to 'pull it together' to the satisfaction of the Guinness Book of World Records, great, if he doesn't, a good time will be had by all anyway.  It's best not to take it too seriously.  The 'multi-venue attempts' are irrelevant - that's a different record!

We may still 'pop out' for the weekend, depending on flights, and whether we have a vacant apartment!

So, Paul, we're not ignoring you, this is Spain!  And don't you just love it!
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Re: Competition
« Reply #5 on: 07 June 2013, 19:31:09 PM »
The AANR completely failed to recognise the rest of the world afterwards and went into a big sulk.
(which thay have yet to emerge from)  :(

The AANR is a dying organisation, membership is dropping rapidly and their finances are dire.