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Re: Jet 2 Party Plane
« Reply #60 on: 27 February 2013, 22:52:19 PM »
I can't pretend I am impressed by the short-listed candidates,

The Spanish have a word for it...ummm.....merda!  :)

I feel the same. Without any vested interest, I don't think I'd be wasting 1 second of internet time to vote for any of them. I guess it'll come down to how many mates, not on the flight manifests, each of them has. Ho hum.

Never mind. There's a record to break. Onwards and upwards! Made a little bit awkward by the fact that I'm in VP at the end of June, so 'holidays accrued' will be on the light side in July (taking into account I'll be back in September), and flights will be top dollar, but I'm determined to be there anyway.