Author Topic: Guinness World Record largest skinny dip attempt in Vera Playa 21st July 2013  (Read 104913 times)

Quenton and Gill

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I have been contacted today by my friend in Florida with the news about their Guinness attempt at our record.... THEY FAILED....this is what she said....


The Bad News:
We didn’t do it. By 2:00 we had the registrations of 805 people.
The sea was a bit rough and cool, so those entering first, after being “clicked through” the gateway, were ready to get out by the time the last 300 entered the water.  The copter arrived just as the two groups switched places. In short, there is no photographic evidence of 805 people in the water at the same time.

She has explained they might not do it again as it was such hard work... they decided on a different counting and registration method to me... they walked all through and into the sea... clearly the first ones in were in for a 'long haul' I decided we should all go in together on the klaxon....not blowing my own trumpet... but our record was spot on.....

I do feel for them in a way... they tried hard, raised a lot of money for their military veterans, etc, but......VERA PLAYA STANDS SUPREME
Always waiting to get back out to Vera.....

John and Maureen Berry

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Quenton Munslow, you should take a bow! For more than a decade I have been dismayed at the 'attacks' on the naturist zone from local politicians, the attempts to shorten the beach, the unhelpful signs, the lack of maintenance of the area, particularly in winter, the dreadful water outlet next to Vera Natura, etc etc. it just amazed me that the Town Hall could not see what an opportunity they had, what a tourist and promotional gem. And suddenly they can. Your incredible success last year has resulted in the mayor of Vera being present in the huge Madrid Spanish tourism fare promoting Vera Playa as the best naturist resort / beach in Europe. It's been all over the local and the National Press. So take a bow, my friend, and when you're back in VP get the meeting with the mayor organised ASAP, we need to keep this momentum going.
Happy owners and winter residents at Vera Playa, our piece of Naturist Paradise.


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Well done Quenton, and everyone who assisted with this. It's great to know VP is getting 'proper' recognition. ::::