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Koi, Mojacar Playa
« on: 14 March 2012, 11:18:23 AM »
For those of you who may be thinking of visiting Mojacar town some morning, may we recommend 'Koi', at the 'Consum' roundabout where the road leads up to Mojacar?

Stuck behind a Belgian car, whose driver seemed to think the '40' speed limit was 'metres per minute', I lost patience at the idea of following him all the way up to Mojacar, and so we detoured into a car park and found somewhere to grab a coffee, on the basis that by the time we'd ordered it, drunk it, returned to the car and driven on up the road to Mojacar, we'd probably still be stuck behind him at the roundabout that leads to the Garrucha bypass.

What a pleasant little discovery the Koi restaurant was! 'Coffee con leche' comprised a cup of coffee, a glass or orange juice, a glass of water (they must have seen in my eyes that I'd been quaffing 1 euro wine from a carton the previous night! I shall use it as BBQ marinade next time), a mini doughnut, a mini sausage roll and a (shared) bowl of nuts.

The bill? 3 euro. No, not each. For two!!!!!

If you're planning a morning out to Mojacar, we can highly recommend a 'breakfast stop' at this lovely little restaurant. Oh, and Mojacar town on market day, after your breakfast, is not such a shabby day out either. Just watch out for Renaults bearing Belgian plates!  :)