Vera Playa and Naturism

Vera Playa lies on the Costa Almeria, between the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. It has been a legally constituted naturist beach of some 2km in length for decades, and about 20 years ago the land immediately behind the beach was declared a Naturist Zone, the area between the beach and the road to Villaricos / Palomares. At that time there was virtually no building, the land was scrub and salt flats and had virtually no value.

Naturism, or nudism is perfectly legal in Spain, enshrined in the constitution and part of the individual's human rights. The Spanish Naturist Organisation protects this personal right and regards it very highly, so there tends to be a split in opinion between some Spanish naturists and some Northern Europeans. Those with a background in naturism linked with clubs, would often prefer a strictly naturist only beach, and a strictly naturist area, where the norm would be to be naked most of the time, whenever it is warm enough. This is simply not how Spanish naturists feel. On the whole, they adopt the position that it is unreasonable to expect to exercise their personal right to be naked on any public beach and at the same time demand that everybody is naked on the very few designated naturist beaches. Generally, common sense prevails. In July and August weight of numbers on the naturist beach determines that "textiles" would feel distinctly out of place and awkward. There are literally thousands of people, the majority being Spanish families, naked on the beach. Certainly some of you may have seen the "beach reaction" when individuals (usually inquisitive youths) decide to come to the beach for a bit of voyeurism. The naturists stand up and slow hand-clap them and always they exit quickly!

There has been some concern in recent years about "textile creep" onto the naturist beach as more hotels and apartment complexes which are not naturist have been built adjacent to the naturist beach, but in truth there are very few problems. Most owners / holidaymakers are Spanish and in Spain Vera Playa is very famous as a naked beach. Even those who holiday, or buy property, who do not share our pastime will be aware of it, so are not likely to be shocked or appalled by the naked body. All through the summer we walk the length of the beach as far as Vera Gardens Urbanisation (just past the Zimbali Playa Hotel) in the morning or late afternoon, and lots of other people do the same. We have never had any complaints, and if we had we would just smile and carry on, knowing we were perfectly within our rights. Not only can we be naked on any beach in Spain, we can also refer back to the ruling of the Ombudsman, who upheld the ruling that our beach is officially designated as a naturist beach. If you are worried about it, ask for guidance from the Puntonat Shop. There they have a hand-out with the legal situation spelled out, both in English and in Spanish, if you encounter any problems. Outside the months of July and August the beach is full of wide open spaces, you would be very unlikely to find anybody to object to nudity anywhere on Vera Playa.

For the Spanish naturist family there seems to be a lot more tolerance. You often see a mixed family group on the beach or at home in the urbanizations. Some are naked, some are part dressed, some, like the ancient granny, might be fully dressed in black. On a naturist urbanization, the principal rule, which can never be broken, is that you may not swim in the pool wearing clothes and usually the "naturist rule" will apply to the whole pool area. Having lived for most of the year in Spain, it is also easy to appreciate that most Spanish naturists will not be seen naked between, say October and April because it just doesn't feel warm enough! We have visited many naturist resorts in Europe and believe that Vera Playa is the closest you get to a naturist paradise. We are not fenced in behind high walls, we are not miles from anywhere. We are within easy walking distance of good facilities, similar to any other "normal" resort. There are a range of facilities in the Naturist Zone, including bars which you can use naked all day. Thankfully there is a minimum of "sleaze". Vera Playa is not a "swingers haven". I am not saying that these things don't go on, but they are not "in your face" and do not cause offence. You don?t need to know which parts of the beach to avoid, all the beach is a public, family beach. Every so often a business will open up with some strange ideas of who naturists are and what they would like for entertainment, but generally speaking, within a short time market forces prevail and as the majority of the population of Vera Playa do not frequent these places and they cease trading!